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Protekt® Paint Protection Film Keeps Vehicle’s Finish Looking Newer, Longer

The road can be a hazardous place, especially for your prized vehicle. Vehicles encounter a lot on the road including bugs, bird droppings, gravel, sand and salt, all at high speeds!

We all know the feeling of coming home after a long road trip with a vehicle desperately in need of a wash. But did you know that substances as innocent as dead bugs can eat away at paint and finishes? We often do not have time to thoroughly clean the outside of our car as regularly as we would like which contributes to long-term damage to the finish. In addition to threats to the finish, gravel and sand that is kicked up while driving often cause rock chips in the paint on the front end of the vehicle. Salted roads in the wintertime can cause similar damage.

Paint protection film, such as Protekt® PPF, is a good option for protecting vehicles from road hazards. Not only does it offer protection from debris, it also guards against scratches in commonly damaged areas such as bumpers, door handle wells and edges.

Protekt PPF is optically clear and won’t discolor over time. It is also self-healing, which means minor scratches will resolve themselves. PPF is installed by professional dealers who understand the best way to utilize the product to achieve the desired protection level. In the end, drivers save time and money on costly repainting and repairs.

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